Submit Material to the Archive

One of our collection of old postcards

If you have material you might want to give or loan to the archive, we are particularly interested in :

  • Old photos, artefacts or documents you have found when you are clearing out an attic or house, whether yours or a relative or friend who is moving or passed away
  • Information about renovating or rebuilding an old building in the Howe – the history of the house, before and after pictures, and photos of local workmen involved in the build
  • Pictures of births and weddings of local families, a small selection please with names
  • Material on how the Second World War affected local people.
  • Material from the 1960s through the 1980s.
  • Major social events such as Church events or festivals involving local people
  • Pictures of the Howe and settlements within it (Tarland, Logie Coldstone, Migvie, Ordie, Coull)
  • Pictures of people, places, properties, activities (such as farming or forestry) and events applicable to the Howe of Cromar.
  • Information about the Tarland Show (its records were destroyed in a fire).
  • School photos and pictures of school events from local schools (child protection rules mean these will not include names on the web-site for current school children)
  • Details of major Community projects in the Howe
  • Old Estate records for any Cromar Estate, or old Minute books for local societies.
  • Agricultural heritage
  • Perspectives of life in the Howe such as diaries, family archives etc.
  • Memories of their history in the Howe from diaspora families.

We want to record both past and current major events – so please always think “is this relevant for the archive” if you are organising a project or organising a major event.

To give you some guidance :

  • Ask yourself these questions :
    • Do I hear a person speaking from this? (A diary or a postcard or letter for example)
    • Do I hear the era talking? – epitome of the war, the 60s etc.
    • Does it give fascinating detail about everyday life in the Howe?
    • Does it document an important event in the Howe?
  • If it is a family or personal life archive, it is helpful if you can sort the material into some sort of sensible narrative
Alezx Innes on the tin whistle

We do not collect pictures from holidays or places outside of the Howe unless obviously important for example : pictures taken during war service by a local person or pictures of a local person receiving a major award.

We can accept material

  • In standard electronic formats, jpeg, pdfs etc.
  • As physical artefacts or documents
  • As a collection


If sending us photos, please sort them into a reasonable order, be selective, and write on the back the names of the people in the photo, the place and the date. If sending them electronically, then send them one photo per email making it clear who is who in the photo and its link to the Howe. If they fit into one narrative, i.e. you have written an email with your memories of the Howe, then we will collate them and attach them to the narrative. We will also advise you of the record numbers associated with your items so you can look them up.

We need to know :

  • Whether you want us to scan/photograph the item and return it or whether you want us to store it.
  • Whether it is a gift to the archive or a loan
  • Whether or not there are any restrictions on the item – copyright for example

Our policy is :

  • To make all material available to individuals or researchers interested in local history.
  • To allow them to copy images and reuse them unless there is a clear copyright restriction on them.
  • As soon as we make them available on the internet, they will be downloadable to anyone looking at the images. If there are significant restrictions, then we will make them “for inspection (by visiting us) only” and they will not be seen on-line except as a catalogue record.


If you are not sure or would like a downloadable copy of this advice, or you would like to work with us on a collection you have, please email or phone us for help. We never mind looking at material with you. Our contact details are: