Transparency Notice

Transparency notice – Collection materials

Cromar History Group collects items of historical interest relating to the Howe of Cromar and the surrounding area. Our Collections contain personal data in many forms including; photographs, written material, maps, newspaper and magazine cuttings, and oral history interviews.

We collect, catalogue, and make available our Collections (and the personal data contained within them) as part of our activities carried out in the public interest, e.g. to record and preserve items which are, or will become, of local historical interest.

The legal basis for processing any personal data is the performance of a public task. For the avoidance of doubt, Cromar History Group  views all of its Collection management related activities as being activities in the public interest, including the collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storing, adaptation, digitisation, facilitation of retrieval and consultation, disclosure by transmission or dissemination, and licensing of any or all material held in our archive.

Where Sensitive Personal Data (Special Category Data) is found in our Collections it is processed for the purpose of archiving in the public interest. Where such data would be likely to cause substantial distress or harm to the data subject if disclosed it will be withheld from public access, but will still be retained in our Collections. If there is any material made available in our collections that would cause substantial damage or distress to any person then please bring this to our attention for review.

Personal data contained in our Collections will be retained in perpetuity, so as to inform the research of future generations.

Please note: If you use the personal data present in our Collections as part of your research then you become a Data Controller in relation to that data, and are responsible for using that data fairly, ethically, and in compliance with the law. In particular, personal data which is used for research purposes may not be used in order to make decisions about or take actions in relation to the data subject in question, and may not be used in ways which would cause substantial damage or distress to them.