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If you would like to join our email list so we remind you of forthcoming talks, or if you are interested in becoming an active Member participating in projects, please email us at :-

Chairman : Veronica Ross : 01339 881651

Secretary : Sandra van Heusden :

Treasurer : Irvine Ross : 01339 881651

History Talks Coordinator and Publicity : Irvine Ross : 01339 881651

Committee Members : James Davidson,  Allan Hepburn

Archive Team : Veronica Ross, Irvine Ross, Rita Barnes, Lesley Ellis, Mary Levie, Allan Hepburn

DATA PROTECTION POLICY : Our full registration for Data Protection can be seen by entering our registration number : ZA073086 on this link : Search the Data Protection Register

For emails addressed to all members, we protect your name and email information by using the blind copying facility. For emails addressed to the Members only, we share email addresses so that Members can contact each other directly if they wish.

As well as our own communications, we also forward items which we think will be of interest to all members. We do not hold extensive records on individual members, only contact details  and whether or not they have paid their dues.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM OUR EMAIL SERVICE : If you are not a Member, please click on the Unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email. That will remove you from our email list.
If you are a Member, please also email us on to let us know as we have you on two systems and need to manually remove you from our second system.