Echoes from Cromar’s Past


Launched in 1994 as a two page “Newsletter” and later renamed “Echoes from Cromar Past”, our popular annual magazine has grown in size until, in 2014, a special World War 1 commemorative issue occupied more than a hundred pages.

All our publications are printed on demand and charged at cost.   They are also available on request as PDF files.   For an up-to-date list and details of how to obtain copies, visit the link below and download the compiled Tables of Content from every issue of our Newsletter and Echoes From Cromar’s Past.   The final pages of this file set out information on prices and contact details. Complete Echoes Contents to 2015

Contributing to Echoes

Anything from researched articles to humorous quotations are welcome, as long as there is some connection with Cromar or its residents. Popular topics include :

  • childhood reminiscences
  • family history
  • old photos and maps
  • articles based on old newspaper cuttings and magazine extracts

Echoes 22 is due to be published before Christmas this year (2016) and items likely to be of interest to our readers are urgently requested.

If you want help with ideas or topics to research, please get in touch, addressing your question to Peter Craig:    Let us know if you are planning or preparing something for a future issue.

To encourage you, we are linking below to some examples of articles :
Researched from a newspaper : 1866 Tarland Mail Bag Robbery
Reminiscences : A Loon Fae The Toon

Other Cromar History Group Publications

Anither Keek At Tarland’s Lang Syne : The first seven issues of the short Newsletter were compiled as a single volume published in 2003.

Tarland’s Bygone Days : Published in 1998, a new edition of this booklet is planned. It contains extracts from reminiscences by senior citizens recorded in interviews with school pupils as a community project.

Home_Front_2Home Front: Aboyne & Cromar : In 2014, we honoured the contributions and sacrifices made by the people of Cromar during WW1 by an Exhibition, a special edition of Echoes and by commissioning research which led to a wonderful talk at the Exhibition.  This is now available as a 140 page publication. This includes all of the images used during the talk, with additional background information on each.

Books featuring the Local Area

Cawnpore to Cromar : Marion Miller : A history of the MacRobert Family and their involvement in the Howe of Cromar. Marion Miller website

Taran’s Wheel : Jim Forbes : A novel (genre : thriller) whose central events are set in the Howe of Cromar. Available from Kinord Books.

Great Crowns of Stone : The Recumbent Stone Circles of Scotland : Adam Welfare : Comprehensive work on the great stone circles on the North East.

Loch Kinnord : Its history and antiquities : J.G. Michie : A 19th century archaeologist’s view on the history of the area and its archaeology. Recently reprinted.