Echoes 29  2023

You can download the complete edition as a pdf Here It is about 23 megabytes in size

Or you can download the individual articles listed below

Rita Barnes (1930 – 2023) –   Rita was a key member of CHG from our earliest days and was actively involved in all we do

The Clubbie BooksIrvine Ross has found out lots about the history of the ‘Red Cross building’ – and much more

Derelict Cottage for Sale   – The story of how Anke Addy came to own her house at Springbank

A Jackdaw in the Crow Wood  – A pot pourri of unusual local tales gleaned by Simon Welfare from newspaper archives

Historical Sketches of Inns and Innkeepers in the Kirktoun of Tarland   – Charles Niven has painstakingly uncovered the detailed history of Tarland’s hostelries

William & James Fletcher’s Houses Are Burned  – Some fascinating history was discovered by Ron Fletcher on his most recent trans-Atlantic visit

A tale of two “lands”, one forgotten, one familiar   – Jim Forbes shares his researches into local placenames and reaches interesting conclusions

Rannagower No More   – Ruth Crawford wondered about some nearby ruins and set about discovering their history

Byron and Morven  – Byron’s childhood links with Deeside are considered in detail by Lindsay Mair

‘Bronze armour found here AD 1860’   – Peter Craig explores the unexpected background to an enigmatic OS map annotation

Arrivals, Arches and the Aristocracy  – Kate Redpath learns about how folk in Cromar used to celebrate the arrival of special visitors

Life at the Sharp End – Part Two‘Broomdog’ continues his vivid description of working for the Forestry Commission 40 years ago

The Cromar District Nursing Association  – Details of the important work of this pre-NHS organisation are revealed by Irvine Ross

Reekitlane as it was in 1967  – A photo from our archives tells the story of a typical local farmhouse as it was over 50 years ago

A Forestry Memory  – Former Logie Coldstone resident Bob McLaren shares his memories of forestry work as a teenager

Poems by Sheena BlackhallFour more poems with local themes from Sheena to make us reflect, think – and laugh