Echoes 12  2006

You can download the complete edition as a .pdf file HereIt is about 5 megabytes in size.

Or you can download the individual articles listed below:

A Fragmentary History of Aspects of the Early Years of Tarland Schoolby Nigel Healey

An Appreciation of the life of Gerda ‘Pytt’ Geddesby Frank Woods

Two Country TradesmenGeorge Bain 1866-1925,  Andrew Legge 1871-1940by Joyce Marchant

Their Memory Lingers Onby Dorothy Reid

Burn o’ Vat Postcardfrom Jim Craigmile

On the New Temperance Hall at Tarlandfrom an 1892 collection of rhymes by James Smith

 Archbishop Robert MachrayA classic example of a local ‘lad o’ pairts’ by Peter Craig (from internet sources)

All in a Registrar’s Working Dayby Rita Barnes

Outing to Rhynie, September 2006by Sheila Ross

Barony of Cromarinformation from the internet

Changes in the Area Around St Lesmo’s Church from 1869 to 1976by Hazel MacFarlane

In Memory of Logie Coldstone’s Heroesby James H Thomson

Isa Hurryfrom Sandy Mellis

Rock Carvings – Research Near Culbleanby Roger Daly

Castles in the Airby Sheila Ross

 Four Snapshots with a Story to Tellfrom Sandy Farquharson’s album

Hugh Gunnfrom Wick Heritage Museum

Bee Bolesfrom Simon Power