Echoes 19  2013

You can download the complete edition as a .pdf file Here. It is about 5 megabytes in size.

Or you can download the individual articles listed below:

A Tarland Childhood –  Jean Still recalls growing up in Tarland in the late 30s and 40s.

The Cromar Chronicle 1959 – 1967  – Jim Forbes uncovers some gems from his father’s weekly column in the Inverurie Advertiser.          

The Cromar Chronicle, 8th May 1959A complete column by Jim’s father from May 1959.                                                          

Re-creating A Piece Of Tarland’s Cultural History  –  Jan Healey reveals the story behind the recent production of The Doctor’s Honeymoon. 

Robert Burns Exciseman and Poet –  Sheila Ross does some research and learns more about the man behind the myths.          

The Stone Circle at Blackhills/HillheadNigel Healey tells us about this September’s surprising excavation.

The Rural RoundA postbus trip in 1976 in the company of Charlie Ross and Pearl Murray of the Press & Journal.  

This Is My Country – O, so tidy in TarlandAnother 1970s Press and Journal feature about Tarland; this time by Cuthbert Graham.

A Trip to Scalan and Drumin Castle Les Ellis describes a very interesting CHG outing to Glenlivet and explores its Catholic past.

A Grandmother’s LegacySome oral tradition from Sheena Blackhall with songs her granny sang out in the parks. 

Captured In The Blink Of A ShutterIt may be just a postcard, but Peter Craig explores the amazing detail captured in it.

A Fairmer’s Loon Fae the ToonJohn Anderson continues his recollections of his boyhood summer holidays, this time at Davan. 

Memories Of Tarland  – Very different holiday memories; Charles Sim remembers visiting Cuttieshillock in the 1930s.

Somethin Frae Sunty –  Mildred Coutts wrote this Doric piece thirty years ago, but it’s final thought still resonates today. 

More Local Pictish Stones and Saints with Local AssociationsHugh Cochran concludes his review of local Early Christian sites.   

 The “Curiosity” shops of AboyneA most surprising description from 1888 of three local antique collections and their owners.

A Tarland Family and A Kirk Elder Remembered Ian Farquarson explores his Tarland family connections and puzzles over one unexpected finding.