Echoes 20  2014

You can download the complete edition as a .pdf file Here. It is about 9 megabytes in size.

Or you can download the individual articles listed below:

Hairry Hears Fae HameOne of Charles Murray’s poems written in Doric during the fervour of World War One.

Fool’s Gold –  One of Sheena Middleton’s poems written during a recent visit to WW1 battlefields in Belgium.

The Cromar War Memorial Book –  Every page of Alexander Morren’s 1919 Cromar War Memorial Book reproduced in full.

The Cromar War Memorial Book 1A reprint of Joyce Marchant’s 1999 article exploring some of the background to Morren’s book.

The Cromar War Memorial Book 2Joyce’s 2nd article inspired by Morren’s book, this time examining the work of local VAD nurses.

Your Country Needs YouNigel Healey describes the workings of the local WW1 Military Exemption Tribunals.

Alexander C Sim –  Charles Sim tells the story of his father’s World War One service.

Wilson BruceCharles turns his attention to the war service of his Uncle Wilson, a Gordon Highlander piper.

Born in 1914Jan Healey relates some of her family history that relates to the Great War.

Alexander McRobert of Douneside in the Great WarMarion Miller shares some of her researches into the life of Sir Alexander McRobert.

The Horse in World War OneSheila Ross pursues her personal interest in this topic and discovers an interesting book.

Written Memories Of The Last Months  Of The 1914 1918 World WarRita Barnes discovers some of her mother’s mementos of the time of the Great War.

WillieSheena Blackhall’s powerful story in Doric about one of her father’s cousins who died at Arras.

The SurvivorSheena’s poem about Willie’s brother who survived, but was scarred for life by the conflict.

A Vanished Local IndustryA reprint of Peter Craig’s review of online information about the diatomite workings at Ordie.

The Diatomite Workings At OrdieA reprint of Bill Gillanders’ report on further documentation  about local diatomite deposits.

The  Wearisome Ends O’ The EarthA reprint of Joyce Marchant’s quest to learn more about her fathers war service.

A Daughter’s Tale –  Joyce turns her attention to her mother’s career as a VAD nurse and reflects on her life.

Their Memory Lingers OnA reprint of Dorothy Reid’s researches into 200 years of military service by local soldiers.

1926 Postcard of the Tarland War Memorial –  A striking photograph of our war memorial seven years after it was erected.

Robert Morrison, King of the Granite CarversA reprint of Douglas Kynoch’s Leopard article about the Tarland memorial’s granite carver.

Hugh GunnA reprint of a description of a museum display dedicated to this former Tarland headteacher.

Alec and Annie SievwrightA reprint of part of Sheila Ross’s account of the inspiring lives of these two Tarland folk.

Some Observations on Previous ArticlesA reprint of part of Ken Glennie’s account of his family history as it relates to World War One.

Some Personal ReflectionsYour editor reflects on his responses to the many emotions stirred up by this year’s commemorations.

At The Graves (1914-1918)A final poem from Sheena written during a visit to a battlefield cemetery.