Echoes 23  2017

You can download the complete edition as a .pdf file Here. It is about 47 megabytes in size so quite a big download if you have a slow connection.

Or you can download the individual articles listed below:

Editor’s Piece

Return of “The Skate” – Paul Anderson rescues some very special local fiddle heritage treasures

The Hairst – how it used to be – Marion Miller brings to life some memories of how harvesting used to be

Birds an Bees – Mary Munro returns again in her mind’s eye to her Granny and Granda’s croft at Pitline

A follow-up to articles in Newsletter 9 (2002) – The carved ball found in Davie Souter’s garden in more detail than previously seen

The Tarland Burn – Sheena Blackhall shares a poem that looks anew at this central feature of our Howe

The Carrier Service In This Area During The 19th Century – How were goods transported to Tarland in the past ? Joyce Marchant finds some answers

Apples and Bairns – Some long forgotten aspects of Tarland life are uncovered by Jim Forbes

When Lord & Lady Aberdeen met … an anemone called Granny – Simon Welfare tells the story of an unusual event recorded in the Gordon family archives

Finds and Discoveries at Upper Ruthven – Paddy Heron describes the accumulated finds from nearly thirty years of field-walking

Some Misunderstandings About Witchcraft in Cromar – A re-evaluation of contemporary sources leads Lindsay Mair to new conclusions

The Coalmen Come to Tea – One thing leads to another in this ‘bedtime story’ by Deirdre Rattray

George Macdonald, Poet, Author and Preacher – A look at the life of this “most enigmatic of Victorians” from Huntly by Joyce Marchant

One Man and his ‘Box’ – Andrew Wilson celebrates the achievements of accordion-player/composer Rob McCombie

Mesolithic Deeside Dig at Heughead, Aboyne – Another local archaeological excavation reveals more about the earliest people in this area

It was 10.12 pm on Wednesday 23rd October 1839…. – Peter Craig discovers reports of an earthquake and identifies some of the people affected

Harold MacMillan at Tillypronie – Brian Black finds some fascinating photos that belonged to his father

A Mystery Photo – A photo from Jean Still of a magnificent occasion that we hope someone can identify