Echoes 27  2021

You can download the complete edition as a .pdf file Here. It is about 9 megabytes in size.

Or you can download the individual articles listed below:


Joyce Marchant  {1929- 2021} –  Joyce was a founder member of CHG and contributed to almost every issue of Echoes

Margaret Anderson’s Museum at the CulshA very rare postcard showing the interior of this once famous museum

The Roch Tykes o’Tarland – PaulAnderson explores Tarland’s combative reputation

When Tykes Were Bold – The complete epic poem by HamishComyn

“Ane o’ the auldest an’ maist respectable hills in the hale warl”  – Liz Cooper looks into the history of the name Pressendye

The ‘Gordon Baby’ – The story of an Edwardian Scandal and a World War II Tragedy told by Simon Welfare

Cradle Roll, St Moluag’s – Listing one hundred baptisms between 1968 and 1982

Aucholzie,the Lost Settlement on the Muick – RonFletcher shares his researches into the life of another of his Cromar ancestors

The Ravages of Time – The Mill of Aucholzie 200 years later   – A close look at Aucholzie as it is today by Peter Craig

Double Take -who cloned our war memorial? – Gillian Needham discovers that ‘our soldier’ is not unique

Carved Stone Balls in and around Cromar – These enigmatic links with the past intrigue Lindsay Mair

Connections:McCombies in Tough, Patersons in MidmarJim Forbes uncovers a complex network of local family connections

Smiddies in 19th-Century Cromar:Some Additions – There were more local smiddies than Jim Forbes originally thought

A Reflection on the life of Dorothy Black – Part Two – Andrew Wilson completes his account of the life of this author with localconnections

Feudal Days in Tarland – Researches into local land ownership by Joyce Marchant

Abandoned Aberdeenshire  –  James Davidson searches for the reasons why people abandoned their homes in this area

World War 1 Ambulances and the Red Buses of Deeside – Sheena Cooper corrects an earlier article and discovers new connections

Mary Bella Esson {1888-1970) – Part Two – Recent archive acquisitions provide Peter Craig with more insights into Mary’s life

Craiglich Hut Circle – Lindsay Mair urges us to re-evaluate this local archaeological site

Snippets and poems from SheenaA compilation of items from Sheena Blackhall

Readers’Corner – Another compilation- this time of information supplied by you

Tarland Square in the Late 1930s – Peter Craig takes a close look at some new photos of the Square

Aberdeen Arms as it was in 1888 – Some observations on a wonderfulphoto by Allan Hepburn

Macfarlane is ma Darlin’and Pirn-Tae’t Loonie –  Shona Donaldson shares the lyrics of two bothy ballads,one with Tarland connections

Back to the Beginning – A newspaper cutting from 1992 describes the early days of the Tarland Community Project