Echoes 28  2022

You can download the complete edition as a .pdf file Here. It is about 11 megabytes in size.

Or you can download the individual articles listed below:

Life at the Sharp End  – A local ex-forester shares his memories of working for the Forestry Commision forty years ago

Tales of the Earls of Mar & Their Kin  – Jim Forbes finds out about the generations of Earls that lorded it over Cromar

Skiing MemoriesMorag Duncan records memories of the days when skiing was the latest new sport on Deeside

Bringing archaeology to Life with New TechnologyTwo local enthusiasts take advantage of new imaging technology

Visible signs of belief in witchcraft in and around CromarEvidence is presented by Lindsay Mair of belief in witchcraft locally not so very long ago

Our Changing LandscapeA photo taken in 1906 gives Kate Redpath cause to reflect on the transient nature of landscapes

Deeside Field Club Commemoration StonesVeronica Ross explores the monuments erected by a formerly very active local field club

Tarland’s Jubilees = In this Jubilee year, Simon Welfare takes a look at how Tarland celebrated previous jubilees

The Mills of Cromar  – The extensive network of mills in this area is explored by David Currie

A Serious Fire at TarlandContemporary newspaper reports from 1906 describe the disaster that befell a local shop

Elspeth Forbes of BoigThe life of one local victim of the 16th century witch trials is documented by Lindsay Mair

Childhood Memories of Tarland and CranbrookIan Johnstone shares vivid boyhood memories of holiday visits to Tarland

The Cold War in Cromar The story of Tarland’s ‘nuclear bunker’ is revealed and explained by Irvine Ross

Two Poems by Sheena Blackhall  – Sheena gives her take on the ‘nuclear bunker’ and reflects on a local track with a long history

Finding a Lost Home and GrandfatherTwenty-five years of persistent research eventually brings rewards for David Moir

Sir Alexander Ogston and a Curious Case of ‘Spontaneous Human Combustion’Simon Welfare reveals a surprising specialsim of the eminent Sir Alexander

Fletchers Come Back!Ron Fletcher helps descendants of local emigrants return to see where their ancestors came from

The Ups & Downs of the Tarland Road   – Peter Craig draws attention to the distinctive character of the road to Tarland

Terrible News at Tarland! A dramatised account by Ron Fletcher of how Tarland might have heard about the Culloden defeat