Members’ Page

Member Peter Craig and the owner discussing Auchernach House and Gardens

Member Peter Craig discussing Auchernach House and Gardens with the owner

Why not join us as a Member and get actively involved in researching and visiting historical sites? Members meet regularly throughout the year to work on specific projects such as: maintaining and enhancing the Cromar Historical Archive; providing support to requests such as transcribing the Tax Records held at County level; carrying out research for Echoes articles; or discussing how to help preserve our local heritage.

Membership costs £10 a year and for details of how to join, please contact us on

Membership benefits include :

  • Regular member meetings
  • Summer visits to local historical sites with knowledgeable locals
  • Support and help from other members on your own identified projects
Members crossing the ford near Duffdefiance

Members crossing the ford near Duffdefiance

Every year, members run visits during the summer to interesting historical sites.To ensure numbers are manageable, these are open to members only and their invited guests.

Past visits have included : Haddo House where Lord Aberdeen kindly acted as guide; Drummuir Castle, Diageo’s entertainment venue for  visiting customers; Crawton, near Stonehaven to see its special geology; Auchtavan, in Upper Deeside, owned by the late Queen Mother; Glen Gairn to visit the hidden remnants of old Catholic/Protestant antagonism and the walled garden of Auchernach and the remains of Duffdefiance.

Forthcoming trips are advertised on this page, so keep an eye out for what may be coming up. For a way of seeing the secret parts of Scotland in great company with a knowledgeable guide, these visits cannot be bettered!

If you are interested in making visits to local sights, see the sub-menus on this tab which show pictures and information about some of our recent visits. The visits themselves are described in more detail in the Echoes publication for the relevant year.

Both members and non-members can attend the talks programmes. Besides being enjoyable and informative, these also help fund our research and other activities.