July 2017 – Inverurie

The outing was lead by Hugh Cochran and much enjoyed by the members present. The sites visited were:

The Bass of Inverurie. This is the only  Motte (meaning mound or hillock) on Donside formed by a classical Motte and Bailey and it is said to have been founded by David of Huntingdon, Earl of Garioch in the 12th century.

Port Elphinstone.  This was the terminus of the Aberdeen – Inverurie Canal.  Building of the canal started in 1796 under an Act of Parliament,  and the canal was completed in 1805.   Cargo and passenger services  ran between 1805 and1854 but it was never a financial success.

Kinkell Church Dedicated to St Michael,  and seems to have been rebuilt from an older church in about1520. The building is unremarkable, but what is remarkable is the Sacrament House dated 1524 and the crucifixion panel dated 1525 on the north wall and the re-used grave stone of Gilbert de Greenlaw slain at the Battle of Harlaw in 1411.

A late lunch was had at the Recumbent Stone Circle at East Aquhorthies.