June 2017 – Glen Muick

Seven members met on Saturday for the walk in Glen Muick and started off at the heaps of ‘field gatherings’ near the main road. These are piles of stones, of various sizes, are an indication that there once was farming in this area, although now, at first glance, it looks like heather moorland.

Next stop was the hidden whisky still house tucked away in a fold of the Allt an t-Snecahda, one of 14 such hidden still houses in the Glen Muick area, the source of the whisky that once was smuggled over the Capel Mounth road, dodging the excise men all the way.

Following this there was a scramble up through heather and moor, along a rough track and down towards the abandoned settlements of Auchnacraig and Clasmuick. These small farming townships were occupied up until at least 1809 and it is estimated that there may have been as many as 50 inhabitants. By 1841 they had all been abandoned, cleared for sheep grazing.

After Auchnacraig we descended to Boginroll, another abandoned township by the banks of the Allt Cholzie. It is the same story here, the people moved on to make way for sheep and nothing left to tell the story of the past but the bases of the old stone walls.