Aug 2016 – Aboyne Castle


Alastair Aboyne explains some of the details on the 1870 Estate Map kept at the Estate Office.

The group visited Aboyne Castle’s Estate Office, where Alistair Aboyne has a large map of this area dating back to 1870. The map covered an entire table and showed the full extent of the Estate in the 19th Century. It was a fascinating evening as we poured over the map. It showed the road through Aboyne and the original entrance to the Castle Estate which helped make sense of the roads in Aboyne today.

The historical context as to how and why parts of the Estate were sold off; the details of the boundaries to other estates; why and how the map was made; all formed part of this clear and engrossing evening.

Our thanks to Alastair Aboyne for taking the time to host this visit.