Talks 2019 – 20

Our new winter programme is now available and is shown below. All our winter talks are held in the MacRobert Hall, The Square, Tarland, AB34 4YL beginning at 7.30 pm. Entry is £4.00 and all are welcome.

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10 October 2019 – Granite Men


Aberdeen author Jim Fiddes will tell the stories of generations of north-east men who toiled their lives away in miserable conditions, deep within quarries, to unearth the stone that gave the Granite City its name.



14 November 2019 – The Old Deeside Road Revisited


Graham Marr has explored the old road and written a book, The Old Deeside Road Revisited.  It is surprising how much of the old road still remains. In his talk, Graham will describe what he found and the enjoyment he had exploring the road and discovering a window into Deeside’s past.



5 December 2019 – Sir Charles Forbes of Newe


Peter Duffus will tell us about Sir Charles Forbes 5th Baronet of Newe. He was a photographer and an inventor with 55 patents to this name. He had Royal connections but there was also a whiff of  family scandal attached to his reputation.



9 January 2020 – Following the Drovers


Fred Gordon will take us on a journey following the cattle drovers through Highland Scotland. They came from Skye, Sutherland, Moray, Aberdeen and beyond and travelled to the cattle markets in Falkirk. This is a glimpse of their world and it’s echoes in today’s landscape.



13 February 2020 – The Three Incarnations – what should we make of the bothy ballads?


Champion ballad singer Shona Donaldson will consider the three eras of bothy ballad tradition – the older bothy ballads, the cornkisters, and the new bothy ballads of the current generation.




12 March 2020The History of the Lonach Games


Graham Thomson will give us a brief summary of the history and objectives of the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society and the Lonach Highland Games, which date back to the 1820’s.  He will  look at the prominent people in the foundation of the Society and the wider history of Highland Games in Scotland, with a few light hearted stories and poems along the way.



9 April 2020 – Something Corny


Wth great regret we have decided to postpone this talk until at least the autumn. We hope life will have returned to something like normal by then. In the meantime we hope you all keep well.